Swedish Firm Brings ERP to Malaysia’s Manufacturing SMEs

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As businesses aim to increase productivity and decrease cost, having a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is one way to ensure production factors are efficiently incorporated and utilised.

An ERP system functions dually as the core for business information processing, and as the backbone of the information systems landscape.1 A survey conducted with 151 local firms2 found that ERP systems are highly sought after in Malaysia, but its complex nature deters many from pursuing its adoption. This degree of complexity varies according to company size and industry, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) especially may find the process of putting a proper ERP system in place an arduous task.

Enter MONITOR ERP, or MONITOR, for short. With its latest G5 product, which is optimised for manufacturing companies, it could just be the thing that Penang’s 5,000-odd SMEs need to streamline their processes and improve production, freeing them to move a step up.

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