The Holiday Home of the Last King of Setul

loading Segara Ninda.

Segara Ninda, the centuries-old Anglo-Malay mansion at the corner of Jalan Penang and Lebuh Farquhar, is a poignant reminder that a Malay king once ruled southern Siam. It belonged to Tengku Baharuddin bin Ku Meh, or Ku Din Ku Meh – the last king of Setul.

Setul, at one time known as the Kingdom of Setul Mambang Segara, was a Malay kingdom established by the cadet branch of the Kedah royal house in the wake of a partition that took place in 1808. The kingdom retained its independence until 1892, when it was returned to Kedah to be ruled by a high commissioner chosen directly by the Sultan of Kedah. Ku Din Ku Meh, then only in his 30s, was selected for this role.1

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