Jalan-Jalan Cari Datuk: Interpretations

To “jalan-jalan cari Datuk” is admittedly my favourite way to explore Malaysia. Unexpected Datuk stories can be found around corners, down lanes and right in front of us. From joining in prayer at the foot of Bukit Jugra, to admiring the skills of a wood carver, to feeling the reverence of fishermen and tin miners, my experiences with the practice have unveiled a myriad Datuk forms and interpretations.

These images evoke a medley of ideas across cultural boundaries and come together to create the Malaysia we love.

Check out the first part of the Jalan-jalan Cari Datuk: Encounters photo essay here.

Cheryl Hoffmann is a global freelance photographer, an historical geographer and a friend of Malaysia. “Jalan-jalan cari Datuk” is her personal twist on the very Malaysian pastime of going out to eat, which she enjoys almost as much as encountering the Datuk. She has exhibited her images in Malaysia and Canada, including OF THIS PLACE as part of George Town Festival 2017. Her works can be seen at: www.cheryljhoffmann.com.

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