Our Picks of George Town Festival 2018


The Penang Monthly team took some time out from their manic schedules to catch some very interesting – and one rather perplexing – performances from George Town Festival 2018. Here’s what they think.

Isle of Dreams, a production of La Cie MaxMind, is a mythical story of epic proportions featuring gods, goddesses, spirits and zombie gods. Yes, zombie gods.

The story revolves around Xing Tian of the Kunlun gods, who has lost his head and along with it, his memory. In trying to find it again, he befriends the mischievous Mud Spirit and Cloud Spirit, and travels from the Isle of Ghosts to Kunlun Mountain in search of the missing appendage. There, he discovers the gods at war, and that he isn’t who he thinks he is. His conscience is ultimately put to the test; the fate of the world hangs in balance.

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