New Means of Public Transport That We Do Not Have to Wait for


Ride-sharing platforms provide options while we await improvements to public transport.

In 2010 the modal share of public transport was 3% in George Town, and 8% state-wide. Eight years later, those figures are still the same.

The ideal is 40%, which begs the question: why are so few using public transport?

After all, incentives for the use of public transport are not insignificant. A bus ride from Batu Lanchang to town costs RM1.40. Parking a car would almost certainly cost more than that, and public transport users are relieved of the stress of finding a vacant lot.

But because bus users spend more time in traffic and face infrequent and unpredictable bus times, making scheduling day-to-day activities challenging, taking the bus, more often than not, is not feasible to many.

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