Living in Penang's Most Famous Clanhouse

Goh Hun Meng grew up within the stately Khoo Kongsi, in the heart of George Town. During his childhood, Goh Kong Chuan, who is Hun Meng's sann-pek, or third uncle, was an avid photographer who lovingly captured intimate family moments, from weddings and funerals to everyday scenes. Glimpses of Old Penang can be gleaned in the backdrop, amid frozen tears and laughter.

Now 82, Kong Chuan suffers from dementia, and all proceeds from the sale of the photographs will be directed to him.

It took Hun Meng six months to compile the photographs, gathering info at the same time. These photographs were part of the "A Family Memoir @ Khoo Kongsi" exhibition, which took place throughout August during the George Town Festival.

If you are interested in purchasing these photos, you may contact Hun Meng at +6012 424 5522 or

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