Living in George Town: Even Deep Roots Eventually Move

loading 30, Stewart Lane is home to (at least) three generations.

There may be an abundance of media reports on evictions and “Disney-pocalypse” in George Town, but the reality is actually much less dramatic.

30, Stewart Lane. The house has been in the family since 1954, or thereabouts. It was built much earlier of course – Stewart Lane being part of an old quarter – and was purchased by my great-grandfather to house his multiplying progeny a year after my father was born. (He was born on Leith Street, at the school quarters; my great-grandfather was a teacher at the nearby St. Xavier’s Institution.)

Today, my Second Granduncle still lives there with his children and grandchildren – all eight of them under one roof. The house has become synonymous with family gatherings, Christmas and Chinese New Year. (My Second Grandaunt, always wearing a kebaya, is a fabulous cook.

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