Free of Words

loading Artist Ono Kang posing with an art piece inspired by a time machine. Kong Chae Chuan Kui, Kong Chae Yit Cheh (Above All Else, We Must Learn to Control Our Breath) reminds us that we are entirely in charge of the course of our future.

One man turns a disability into an expression of art.

Artist Ono Kang is dyslexic, but was not diagnosed with the reading disorder until he turned 30. Dyslexia was not known in the local community back then, and Ono struggled to fit in at school and was often subjected to cruel teasing.

He recalls falling asleep during a school examination once, having exhausted himself completing the subject paper. He was later jolted awake, ears ringing and eyes tearing, when a frustrated teacher slammed a book down on his head. “I didn’t know what was wrong with me at the time; I was constantly being called stupid and it eroded my confidence.”

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