Bar-hopping in Penang Just Got Better


Hidden speakeasies, cocktail bars and upscale lounges – Penang’s nightlife is coming up.

Dubbed the first “hidden” speakeasy in Penang, Magazine 63 is disguised as an unmarked shop lot along Jalan Magazine. To enter, visitors must first locate the banner bearing the calligraphic word “liquor” written in the Qin script by the side of the building. “For the first two months, people would get lost trying to locate us. We had to constantly monitor the CCTV. Even now, we still get calls,” says chief executive director Lee.

The speakeasy is thematically decorated to resemble old-world China. Chinese handheld fans adorn the walls, and colourful wooden umbrellas and lanterns hang from the ceiling. On the mezzanine floor, a DJ station overlooks the bar.

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