A Guardian of Acheen Street

loading Acheen Street Mosque is a gazetted site protected under the Antiquities Act 1976.

Cikgu Mat, a community leader, teacher and records keeper recently passed away. His contributions to Acheen Street and the surrounding area were great and should not be forgotten.

Lebuh Acheh or Acheen Street, as it is popularly known among those old enough to remember, is a hugely significant thoroughfare. For example, it was once the centre of Malay-Muslim trading in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, and also the hub for Arabic education as well as hajj activities.

Tengku Syed Hussein Idid, a prince who came to Penang from Aceh in 1791, founded this urban Muslim village. He was a merchant who had made his fortune in the lucrative trade of pepper, rice, betel nut, dammar, gold and other commodities from Aceh. His tomb is located behind the Acheen Street Mosque.

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