Zero Waste for Quality Living

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Who knew that a zero-waste lifestyle would save money and provide a simpler, healthier way of living?

It has been 10 months and counting since Tin Fong Yun and her husband Lau Tzeh Wei, both 28, began their Zero Waste journey. Throughout 2016, they aim to throw away as little rubbish as possible by reducing what they use, and recycling or composting as much as possible.

So far, what has been the outcome? A very small jar of rubbish, for the first three quarters of the year!

Tin was deeply surprised at the outcome. This year-long experiment was her way of putting into practice what she had been preaching as an environmental journalist with a Chinese newspaper. At present, Malaysians throw away an average of a shocking 1kg per person every day. That is no mean sum. So how do you get down to zero?

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