Fired by the Charm of Ceramics

loading Umibaizurah

Kilns are working overtime as a wave of inspiration hits our sculptors of clay.

A flurry of contemporary ceramic exhibitions in recent months has finally reignited interest in this apparent niche art.

Within a space of three months, benchmark solos by Umibaizurah “Umi” Mahir Ismail, Tan Vooi Yam and Hong Kong-based Chao Harn Kae, plus the seventh edition of the annual Selsius international exhibition at the National Visual Arts Gallery (NVAG) appeared as if by design. In reality, it was a “potluck”.

This string of happenstance is capped off by the tripartite exhibition (August 12-October 12) held at Galeri Chandan featuring Umi, her protégé Al-Khuzairie Ali (now an artist in his own right) and Japanese Satoko Ootsuki, who had had a two-month residency at Patisatu, the Puncak Alam art lab-studio run by Umi and her husband, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, from the Matahati art collective.

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