A Revolution in Science Education is Upon Us


Modern technological innovations are happening at an incredibly increased pace, while Malaysia’s education system declines. This dissonance carries very serious implications for the future of the country. In response to this sorry situation, various passionate parties in Penang are determined to draw young people from all classes and backgrounds into the wonders of applied science.

Connecting the Dots

The Geodesic Dome at Komtar was one of the more iconic structures of its time. At the time of its construction it was considered an engineering marvel, reputedly the strongest manmade structure without internal beams. The dome was Komtar’s multipurpose hall for hosting forums, concerts and the occasional IT fair.

Over the years, however, as with many things involving Komtar, people forgot about it. Until now. Today, the dome has been replaced with polished modern furnishings and towering structures and row after row of intriguing machines and gadgets.

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