Still Promoting Art After All These Years

loading Yuki Tham and Hazlin Ismail from the G13 booth.

Despite a lack of funds, the 10th International Art Expo Malaysia put on an impressive show.

It isn’t easy to start something and keep it going for 10 years, maintaining more than a modicum of success throughout. But the International Art Expo Malaysia – now rebranded with a “Plus” – has done it for the past ten, celebrating its anniversary with a tighter exhibit, despite being relatively lowkey.

This year’s edition of Art Expo Malaysia Plus, held at the Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre in KL from October 20 to 23, had to make do without any corporate or governmental sponsorship, likely due to the bleak economic outlook. Almost like going back to square one, but it seems like an opportune moment for AEM to reflect on and review its vision for the next ten years, and perhaps even restrategise and reinvent.

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