Thrilled by the Western Twang


Jude (third from right) and Jerry Singho (on the violin) of Os Pombos having a swell time wrapping up the night with fellow country musicians.

Miri’s festival makes it the region’s centre for country music.

The date is February 27. Stepping into the gazebo of ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri feels like walking through the swinging doors of a Western saloon. Men and women clad in cowboy hats and boots mingle, with a spot of line dancing taking place to the twang of country music. Outside are tents selling hot dogs and other local delicacies.

Up on stage, renowned international and local country musicians and bands take turns to play their songs. Performing right now is Jonathan Tse, the Sabahan singer, songwriter and music producer. “I say ‘Howdy,’ you say ‘Yee-haw,’ OK?” he says, to enthusiastic response of the crowd, and rips into a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

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