Wonderful Surprises Abound on the Way up Penang Hill


Group photo with train.

Hidden stupas, quaint colonial bungalows and the chance to view the magnificent vista all await on the hike up the hill.

Anak Hutan is a charming and friendly group of people who hike together in Penang every Sunday and also arrange expeditions further afield. I have hiked with them before, and recently, when I had friends visiting, decided to join them again when I saw that they were planning a route up Penang Hill that I was unfamiliar with.

We met at the bus stop outside Miao Xiang Lin Temple on Jalan Hill Railway, the first of many temples, large and small, that we would pass during this hike. Directly opposite is Persiaran Taman Cantik, part of the Taman Cantik housing estate that was built in the 1960s.

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