The Cherished Clubs of Penang


Penang Club's swimming pool. The club is family oriented with a host of activities for everyone.

Be it for recreation or sports, the clubs in Penang are never short of activities.

In an age when young and old tend to be glued to their mobile devices, there exists an avenue for healthy socialising: sports and recreational clubs. These clubs serve as social nodes for members to escape the stress of school or work, allowing them to indulge in life’s simpler things. With the mix of activities and facilities on offer, it’s no wonder that many Penangites are members of the state’s many establishments.

Emphasis on Family

One big pull factor is how communitycentric most of these clubs are. Take the Penang Club, for example. Established in 1868, this club counts notable colonial luminaries like David Brown and E.W. Presgraves as past presidents.
The club’s speciality is its gastronomic delights.

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