Kampung Melayu – Preserving Tradition amid Change

loading The serene landscape of Kampung Melayu.

History resides in many hidden corners of Penang. You just have to seek them out.

Deep within Air Itam is a community rich with historic and religious significance – Kampung Melayu. The village rose to prominence in the 1870s when Sheikh Omar Basheer Al-Khalidy settled in the area. Sheikh Omar is remembered for enlightening the Malay community there with the famous Islamic Sufi stream “Tarekat Nashqabandiyyah”. He taught at the Jamek Al-Qadrie mosque, which soon became the centre for religious education for the community.

According to records in the Penang Museum, during the Penang riots of 1867, heads of Malay families were made to swear to Sheikh Omar that they did not support the secret societies then feuding with one another. 

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