Account of an Early Transit in Penang


The following text is from a report written and submitted in 1796 by Captain Walter Caulfield Lennon. It is about his impressions of “Pulo Penang”, which he visited in November the year before on the way from Madras to the “Molucca Islands”.

The article was titled “Journal of a voyage through the Straits of Malacca on an expedition to the Molucca Islands under the command of Admiral Rainier with some account of those islands at the time of their falling into our hands, and likewise suggestions relative to their future better management in case of being retained in our permanent possession”. Lennon was serving as Principal Engineer and Secretary to the Expedition. [First published in Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, No. 7 (June 1881), pp. 51-74].

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