The Storm that Shook Penang

loading Aftermath of the flood at Taman Seri Rambai.

The state suffered a terrible natural disaster on November 4, 2017. But Penang bounced back very quickly. How it recovered will be remembered as a time when Malaysians came together, giving help willingly and overwhelmingly.

Every time it rains now, Penangites get skittish – and for good reason. It has been five months since the freak storm hit the state. The storm of November 4, 2017 left a trail of destruction, with winds lashing at up to 40mph, uprooting trees and roofs. Heck, a Penang ferry was even plucked from the sea. It was all said to be a side effect of Typhoon Damrey, which pummelled nearby Vietnam, although meteorology enthusiasts have since classified the phenomenon as a tropical disturbance.1

The water level was very slow in subsiding; seven people lost their lives that night.

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