Feel the Pulse in Jelutong


This old suburb has shaken off its rough-and-tumble image, and is ready to become a dynamic township of the future.

A History of a George Town Suburb

Jelutong is named after the Jelutong tree, or Dyera costulata, which grew in abundance when the modern suburb was just a coastal village. The forested area was known for its agricultural activities in the past: the fishing communities and charcoal makers once made their living from the mangrove swamp in Lebuh Bakau off Jalan Jelutong along the coast,1 which was the centre for the making of firewood and charcoal in Penang. Mangrove plants were also used as the foundation for buildings in the swampier parts of the island,2 and the story goes that most wooden pencils in Penang were in fact made from Jelutong wood!3

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