AIESEC Goes Rojak!

loading AIESEC's Asia Pacific Leaders Summit 2017.

Tomorrow’s leaders are created today, and global youth organisation AIESEC, is committed to that process.

AIESEC has been making its impact on the world since the Second World War, when a group of young people determined that cross-cultural understanding was essential to prevent future similar conflicts. An international youth-run, not-for-profit leadership development organisation for youths and by youths, AIESEC enables leadership development through crosscultural exchange.

With the vision of achieving peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential, what started off as a small presence in Europe is today found in over 120 countries and territories around the world – and the community is growing.

From coaching spaces to conferences such as the Asia Pacific Leaders Summit (APLS), team leaders of AIESEC employ a variety of methodologies and strategies to develop leadership skills among their members, giving “AIESECers” from different parts of the world the opportunity to explore how their collective efforts can contribute in making our world a better place.

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