Tourist Arrivals and Hotel Occupancy in Penang


Penang’s total number of hotel guests has steadily hovered at around six million since 2008, except in 2013. As can be seen from Figure 1, nearly half of hotel guests is consistently contributed by foreign guests, with the remaining half by domestic guests.

Penang had the fourth-largest number of hotel guests in 2016 in the country based on the latest figures released by Tourism Malaysia (Table 1). The state attracted about 8.8% or 6.4 million hotel guests, trailing behind KL (22.3%), Pahang (14.2%) and Johor (9.7%).

Penang’s average hotel occupancy rate (AOR) on the other hand depicts an upward trend from January to September 2017. Beach hotels were highly occupied compared to the city hotels; this difference was more prevalent in the first three months of 2017 (Figure 2). Beach hotels had an occupancy rate as high as nearly 70% in February 2017, while the city hotels recorded a rate of 55%.

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