Empowering the Hearing Impaired


No community should be left behind, and the Penang Deaf Association strives to improve the lives of the hearing impaired through education and fun!

The World Health Organization reports that 360 million people worldwide live with disabling hearing loss, and a staggering 32 million of these are children. In Malaysia, over 36,000 people are hearing impaired, with around 24,000 versed in Malaysian sign language.

Hearing loss has a variety of causes ranging from genetic factors, complications at birth, infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, drug use, exposure to excessive noise and ageing. Sadly, over 60% of childhood hearing loss is due to preventable causes.

Early identification and intervention through hearing aids, cochlear implants and other devices can benefit people with hearing loss. For those whose hearing loss cannot be stopped, captioning, sign language and other forms of educational and social support can help them lead a relatively normal and fulfilling life.

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