Table of Contents May, 2016

A City For All Classes

Liveability is more than just making it to the top of a list; it is about ensuring quality of life is available to every spectrum of society.


TMI May Be Gone, But Much Was Achieved

We have a chat with Jahabar Sadiq about freedom of information.


The Kopitiam – The Hearths Of Penang

It’s the camaraderie that comes with the coffee.


Will Getting Around Penang Without A Car Become Possible Again?

We take a look at the alternative ways of commuting in Penang.


Seeing Silence Speaking

Photographer Adam Tan seeks to encapsulate tranquility.


Photo Essay

Life, in Motion

Jonathan Lim records those everyday moments that otherwise slip past our fingers.



A Foreign Language Learned is a Cultural Gap Bridged

There is so much to gain from mastering another tongue.


New Cycling Lanes are Changing the Penang Experience

One can cycle from George Town to Batu Maung – comfortably!


HDB Republic: Housing, Homeownership and Heritage in Singapore

In the face of a rapidly changing urban environment, Singapore’s Housing and Development Board gets things right.


Komtar’s Hidden Gems

Penang's iconic landmark reveals some interesting secrets.

Carpe Diem

Lessons on Democracy from the Middle East

Amid the strife post-Arab Spring is a sense of optimism, where ideals are kept alive.

Oddly Enough

The Political Economy of Malaysia’s Migrant Worker Business

The import of foreign workers rakes in hundreds of millions each year, but for whom?


Hot Cafes at Raja Uda

Coffee culture thrives in Butterworth.


Fishing for the Future

Sabah's rivers get a community-driven rejuvenation.


Smart Local Governance Brings Services to Remote Townships

A rural town in Taiwan enjoys the best of cloud computing technology, thanks to sound governance.

Penang Palette

An Ancient Art Form that Continues to Inspire

The Chinese brush genre survives – and evolves – in Malaysia.


Liveability in Penang

We consider Penang’s liveability from several angles.