Table of Contents June, 2016


A New Era Comes to Balik Pulau

From affordable housing to quaint homestays and getting in touch with nature and the land, the township is undergoing an interesting revival.


Mahathir: “People must be able to hold their heads up.”

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad talks about what motivates him in an exclusive interview.


Balik Pulau – Where Cottage Industries Still Survive

Homemade, local and original, family businesses find ways to thrive.


The Remarkable Resurgence of Penang’s Hindu Endowment Board

The once-ailing Hindu Endowment Board has seen a phenomenal turnaround – thanks to the efforts of a dedicated few.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Andy Grove

A tribute to the former Intel President.


Photo Essay

Balik Pulau: A Pace Apart

Forty-five minutes from George Town, life moves at a different stride.



A New Lease of Life for Rumah Kampung

Traditional Malay houses are lovingly maintained south-west of the island.


Durians are a Growing Industry

It's that time of the year again to savour the King of Fruits.


Where Students Return to be Teachers

At SMJK Sacred Heart, dedicated teachers inspire future generations of the school.


Going Back to Nature Comes Naturally

Pastoral delights abound at Balik Pulau.

Carpe Diem

Fixing the Constitutional Lacuna May Be Easier Than We Think

With two parallel systems of justice and limited powers for the High Court, a final arbiter is urgently needed.


The Force behind the Festivals

Passionate and motivated by the search for excellence, Yeoh Jun Lin takes delight in organising the Borneo Jazz Festival and Rainforest World Music Festival.


A Haunt in the Hills

A trail of adventure – and of the creepy sort!


The 2008 Revolution Continues to Bear Unforeseen Fruits

A plucky entrepreneur returns post-12th General Elections to shake up the indie movement.

Penang Palette

Bull Market for South-East Asian Art

The South-East Asian art market bears watching.


The Back of the Island

From population to land use, we provide the numbers on Balik Pulau.