Cover Story

Exporting Grey Matter: What is The Brain Drain Costing Us

Human capital has an economic price, and our research shows that many high-skilled Malaysians might just find it more lucrative to work abroad. But at what cost to the country?



Chowrasta Market undergoes change

As the century-old market gets a much-needed face lift, some traders are torn between the convenience of selling their goods by the roadside and the comfort of an indoor stall.


Bitcoin – Currency with a future or just a fad?

We take a look at the Bitcoin currency, an international sensation and possibly the genesis of an important new financial innovation.


Mustafa Akyol: A Muslim case for liberty

Altaf Deviyati discusses liberalism in Islam with Mustafa Akyol, prominent Turkish writer and journalist.



Go ridesharing and reduce traffic instantly!

While we wait for improvements to our public transportation system, we can help make our roads less congested by simply sharing our rides.


Photo Essay

The Last Parang Maker

Before the sun goes down on this artisan trade, we capture for posterity the last parang maker.



Every Artist Has a Story to Tell

Lim Wei-Ling, founder and director of Wei-Ling Gallery, gives some practical advice on art collecting.


Special Feature

Mastering medicine requires the immersion method

We get an insight into academic medicine from Prof Amir S Khir, president and dean of the Penang Medical College.



Crowdfunding: Leveraging the power of people, the Internet and social media

With the Internet and social media, crowdfunding has gained leverage as a feasible and important financial source.


Voice in the Crowd

Bringing city planning up to date

Cities constantly evolve, and so must city planning in order to keep up with the trend.


From cancer survivors to social champions: A relay for hope

Two cancer survivors turned their lifechanging ordeal into a beacon of hope for others.


Where money doesn’t talk (not much, anyway)

In the small village of Ba Kelalan, Sarawak, social cooperation takes precedence over financial importance.

Penang Palette

Valley of Art

Klang Valley is simply bursting at the seams with art. Ooi Kok Chuen explores.


Juniors with Big Dreams

Get ready for local teenage dance ensemble Dream Juniors as their infectious moves will get you on your feet in no time.


Four lakes and a tent

For an unforgettable (and also affordable) experience travelling around Europe, Bram Tan recommends you go old school, get a tent and go camping.