Table of Contents June, 2016

Cover Story

Where the Sea Meets the City is Where the World Meets Penang

Intrinsically linked to the water, George Town's waterfront is where it all began – and it still continues to amaze.

Window into History

The Tongkang – Symbol of the Entrepot Age

Once an iconic figure during Penang Harbour’s heyday, discover the crucial role of the lighters that shuttled between massive hulking cargo ships and the port.

Penang Economic Indicator

Wanted: Employees!

As labour demand increases, labour supply struggles to catch up.

Penang Palette

History and Heritage Carved with Heart

More than a traditional wood carver, Yeap Siew Kay is a master craftsman – and part of Penang's living heritage.


Public Transport Must be Affordable, Convenient – and Sustainable

For a public transport system to succeed, both pull and push factors are needed. 



A Pulsating Play that is a Stroll of Rediscovery

Pearl of the Eastern & Oriental promises audiences an enchanting story.


Penang and Kuching Redefine Malaysia’s Urban Cool

The two cities are revitalising through the arts.


Photo Essay

By the Water’s Edge

Jonathan Lim captures the hustle and bustle of George Town’s waterfront.


Rice Miller: A Projection of Penang’s Pioneer Spirit

The perseverance of the people behind The Rice Miller Project is an inspiration.


The Changing Harbour Front

The waterfront mirrors Penang’s history.

Carpe Diem

Hudud Threatens the Future of Malaysia

The hudud issue arises again – and we must address it with greater urgency.

Penang Economic Indicator

No Smooth Sailing for the Second Half of 2016

Forecast for the Malaysian and Penang economy for the second half of the year.


Memories of a Reserve Currency Collapse

Will what happened in Penang in 1967 happen on a global scale soon?


The Borneo Market – Celebrating East Malaysia in Serdang

A place that easily bridges Malaysia’s two halves.


A Look at George Town’s Waterfront

What is the land use and population density of the waterfront area?