Education - Ever the Political Victim

Is the nursing profession in good health?

Nurses play an indispensable role in society, but they are leaving the country by the droves. In spite of this, oddly enough, Malaysia also faces an overabundance of nursing graduates. What then is the state of the local nursing profession?


Hai Ki Xin Lor: Acknowledging Penang Hokkien

This August, famed local director Saw Teong Hin promises a dramatic close to the George Town Festival with Hokkien play Hai Ki Xin Lor.
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The Grey World of Capital Movements

Capital flight is an emotional term, but what exactly does it mean?
Penang Palette

Was Bujang Valley culture the beginning of Malayness?

As archaeologists struggle to discover more about Bujang Valley, perhaps it should be given credit as the site where Malay civilisation actually began.

Penang – A future centre for classical music in Asia?

Now newly housed on Lebuh Pitt, the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra brings exciting sounds to the city.
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Everyday India

India has lately been perceived as a dangerous place, but while there are hazards, it is also a place where vibrant beauty exists in its most commonplace corners.

Keeping Silambam spinning

Silambam, the most ancient form of weapon-based martial arts in India, is an endangered sport, but there are those who are struggling to keep it alive.

107.6FM – Finally a radio station for women in Penang

Capital FM, Malaysia's only English radio station for women, heads north.

Aiming for developed yet healthy cities

How can health fit in with development? Anthony Capon, public health physician and director of the International Institute for Global Health at United Nations University, discusses.
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Social entrepreneurs: Just who are they?

They are embraced as the fourth force after the government, the private sector and the NGOs. These change agents are set to revolutionise the world.
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Who’s the hero – Tuah or Jebat?

There is much stigma against Jebat, but it is a reputation that has long expired

No Country: A contemporary art exhibition without borders

The Guggenheim goes to Singapore! We speak to curator June Yap and the director of The Guggenheim Museum, Richard Armstrong.

As travellers get smart, hoteliers have to get smarter

The Internet age means travellers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. With that, how can hoteliers best promote themselves on the web?

Quick guide to a green life

Pamela Nowicka offers some tips on how to lead a healthy, greener lifestyle.