Table of Contents January, 2015


A city's status and its civil society

The doggedness of Penang NGOs, from classic Chinese kongsi and Indian leagues to contemporary consumers' associations and heritage trusts, in devoting themselves to their individual causes, gives rise to a robust civil society that sets the city apart.

headline Feature

An art exchange on Penang's walls and streets

Penang's art galleries are spilling out onto its streets as its first international street art festival, Urban Xchange, defies tradition.

headline Photo Essay

Compiling George Town's cultural heritage

From perfumers to rattan weavers and garland makers, George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) lovingly archives Penang's rich and distinct living heritage.

headline Penang Economic Outlook

Ripples from global events threaten local economy

In light of global economic trends, Penang's trade outlook might appear to be optimistic, but it had better prepare for a shift in economic activities.