Table of Contents February, 2016

TPPA – The Winners and the Losers

Malaysia makes a bold move in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). It will change the game for many Malaysian companies.


A New Lease of Life for Traditional Puppet Theatre

Potehi thrives where other traditional arts have not.

Old Cures Find New Devotees

Herbs and medicinal oils are back in fashion.
Window into History

Bringing Books to the Public

We trace the birth of Penang's – and Malaysia's – first library.

Penang Offers Much More for the Connoisseur than Just Hawker Food

Many other traditional fares are equally enticing – and famous.
Photo essay

Just for Jazz

The Penang Island Jazz Festival was, as always, a spectacular affair.

Fighting the Big C

Better technology, medical research and public awareness are crucial in the battle against cancer.
Carpe Diem

The Future is Now

We live in the age of possibilities.

Insidious Selfies: Should Leaders Act like the Rest of Us?

Behind the photograph is someone who is very, very different from you.

No Child Goes Hungry in New Taipei City

Convenience stores double as charity portals to feed disadvantaged minors.
Peaks and Parks

A Hike Worth Getting Lost For!

Gertak Sanggul is a world of its own.

A Dreamy Tribute in 35mm Film

British photographer Sam Carter pays homage to Penang through retro lenses.

The bead goes on

It's painstaking work, but the art of bead making continues to thrive in Long Tuma.
talk-talk only

Literature is Not about Winning Prizes

Talk about skewed intentions when it comes to writing!

Filming the Intangible

The Kaki Lima Short Film Competition seeks to capture Penang's rich intangible heritage.
Penang Palette

Loving Paris in the Winter

When it gets cold in the romance capital of the world, it's time to nip into an art gallery or two.

What is the TPPA?

We analyse the policies and potential impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.