Table of Contents January, 2016
Education - Ever the Political Victim

My Oh My George Town! Public spaces need publicity – and polish

Different spaces mean different things for the folks of George Town. Penang Institute sets out to discover the nooks and crannies of the city in its “My George Town” project.


Working for ghosts

Making funeral effigies may not be a job to die for, but it brings in the bucks and keeps traditions alive.
Photo essay

The beat of our souls: Kuda Kepang and the spiritual self

It is a well-touted symbol of Malaysian culture. Complex, spiritual and mystical, the rhythmic Kuda Kepang is captured in photos.

What is the state of freedom of religion in Malaysia?

The boundaries governing legal, political and religious matters are unclear to many. Law professor Dr Azmi Sharom sheds some light on the subject.

A chance to confront death

It's a subject many avoid, but this August, one Penangite takes it head on in his art performance, Nine Deaths One Life.

Heritage kept right

Heritage is not only about preserving an old building's infrastructure. It's also about preserving the intangibles.

The mystery we call development

We speak to Under-Secretary-General of the UN and rector of United Nations University David Malone about the intricacies of development.

Applause for the Penang budget model

Gender responsive participatory budgeting, an amalgamation of participatory budgeting and gender budgeting, has taken off in Penang to much positive feedback.
Window into History

Penang’s forgotten protest: The 1967 Hartal

For almost two months in 1967, Penang was in a state of near-anarchy. What happened, and how did things get to that point?
Voice in the Crowd

Making Penang Island a city

Penang Island has the requirements to be called a city, but its residents need to be more civic conscious to earn that status.

It begins with the narrative...

Founder and president of the Cordoba Foundation Dr Anas Al-Tikriti explains how yesterday’s conjured narratives have become the reality of today.

Exaggerating the urban-rural divide is no help

The rural folks of Malaysia are far from being politically ignorant, and dismissing them as such can only exacerbate the urban-rural gap.
Penang Palette

Time for Asean art to flourish

The regional art scene may be lacking in terms of shared identity consciousness, but things are certainly changing.

NonserviaM lifts heavy metal higher

Punkhead Marco Ferrarese reviews homegrown melodic death metal band NonserviaM's debut album, A Spectral Ascension.

An analysis of Penang

To accompany our cover story, here are some numbers on Penang.