Table of Contents April, 2016

A Sky of Stars: Penang Shines as a Sporting State

We have more champions than we think.


Taking a Goddess for a Bath

Thousands travel from all over Malaysia to the Sri Singhamuga Kaliamman Temple for Teppa Tiruvizla.


The Panthers are Back!

After a five-year hiatus, the Football Association of Penang returns to the top flight.

Window into History

A History of an Icon

Penang Monthly traces the beginnings and rise of the Chinese Recreation Club.



Water is Everywhere, and it is Always Precious

Through outreach and education, WWF-Malaysia hopes to raise awareness on the value of water.


Photo Essay

When Doors are More than Just Doors

Walk on through to the other side.

Utter Economics

Things to Consider when Choosing a Governor for Bank Negara Malaysia

We shed light on global best practices for selecting a central bank governor.


The Future Starts Now

Setting the groundwork for a sports council that looks beyond today is paramount.


Penang a Mecca for Marathoners?

Bukit Mertajam becomes host to an ultra marathon – the only one with a 100-mile trail event.


Making Extreme Sports Common

Penang's adrenaline junkies thrive in action sports.


The Cherished Clubs of Penang

Sports and recreational clubs abound in the state.

Carpe Diem

Our Young Need New Ways of Financing Their Higher Education

Fundamental reforms are required in sustainable student support.

Oddly Enough

Selfie Politics: Perhaps We Need Superheroes After All

The best solutions are those which are able to deal with the smallest of issues.


Pondering Malaysia’s Complex Society

One man takes up the task of delving into the intersections between Malaysian society and an increasingly globalised world.

Peaks and Parks

Wonderful Surprises Abound on the Way up Penang Hill

Astonishing sights await the dedicated hiker.


Thrilled by the Western Twang

Country music is big in Borneo, as proven by the successful third edition of the Miri Country Music Festival.


Within Reach of Nature

There's a lot more to Miri than meets the eye.

Penang Palette

Enough to Please Most Eyes

The recently opened National Gallery Singapore aims to be a main player in the regional arts ecosystem.


Are You Sporty?

Here are the numbers on sports in Malaysia.