March 2015 COVER STORY

Local elections as the foundation of democracy Part I: The Athi Nahappan Report revisited

As we mark the half century since the end of local government elections in Malaysia, we look back at events that led to its demise – most importantly, the Athi Nahappan Report.

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The letter in English: Ipoh’s place on the Sun Yat-Sen trail

A secret letter helps Chan Sue Meng piece together her family history and, along the way, discover Ipoh's role in the founding of modern China.


The costs of inequality: Not just a case of “poor envy”

Most would agree that the income gap is worsening in Malaysia and begs addressing. It is time we gauge how this hurts the country in concrete terms.


The crude dynamics of the price of petrol

As oil prices continue to drop, we examine the consequences.


Sustaining the dignity of the dying

There are many who are still unaware of the benefits of palliative care. For one, it can enable cancer patients to have the quality care and support that they need.


Resisting the closing of the Malaysian mind

Prof Latif Kamaluddin, poet and intellectual, has quite a few things to say about the state of Malaysian literature and its authenticity.


Managing longevity risk: Do not go gentle into that good night

Longevity risk has consistently been underestimated, leading to potentially serious economic implications.


Malaysian skinheads against racism

We’ve been misunderstanding this crowd for far too long.


Malaysian artists join one of Singapore’s many shows

The dazzling Art Stage Singapore wrapped up in January, with Malaysia featuring a strong – and slightly controversial – presence during the festival.


Is Malaysia becoming a welfare state?

Government officials insist that Malaysia is not a welfare state, but taking a look at its policies, one might think otherwise.


The financial state of Malaysian states

We examine the finances of Malaysia's states, from richest to poorest and everything in between.


Chowrasta,after the market closes

What does a busy market in the heart of George Town look like after the hustle and bustle have died down? Photographer Azri Zainul discovers.


Capitalising on innovation

Economic growth through innovation is one thing. Growth sustainability is something else.

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