Table of Contents March, 2016

Make a Date With Nature

Tourism Turns Green with Age

With an array of outdoor activities, ecotourism flourishes in Teluk Bahang.

Making Sure Penang's Taps Keep Flowing

What does the future of Penang's water supply look like?

Dancing with Kindred Spirits

Through the wordless medium of dance, Aida Redza speaks for the community.

Transgenders Continue to Fight for Acceptance

Tolerance and respect - that's all they want.
Window into History

A Water Supply System to Boast About

A legacy of the British, Penang's water infrastructure is part of the city's colonial inheritance.

A Market Made Marketable

Once physically shoddy, now safe - the Pulau Tikus Market.
Photo Essay

Encapsulating Teluk Bahang

The Bay of Heat exudes a timeless charm.

Sensitising Visitors to Mother Nature's Wealth

Entopia seeks to be a place where nature and learning come together.

A Stroll through Fuan's Wonderland

Nestled away in Teluk Bahang is a garden that borders on the fantastic.

A Shelter for Strays

Over 600 dogs have found sanctuary at 4PAWS

The Evolving Life of a Librarian

Libraries have changed, and so have the duties of a librarian.
bruno manser

Keeping the Spirit of Bruno Manser Alive

The struggle to protect the Penans continues.

The Penan's Lament: "The Forest is Our Skin"

Books that look at the plight of Sarawak's forest nomads.

Awas! The Organising of Radical Malay Women

Before the Alliance, there were the radicals.
Carpe Diem

Time to be Human

There should be no compromise when it comes to defending humanity.
Oddly Enough

Lessons from Journey to the West

Although now 400 years old, the Chinese satire remains resonant.

A Hospital that Puts Fun into Patient Care

At the National Taiwan University Hospital, smiles come first.

Maintaining a Forest in Shah Alam by and for the People, Hopefully Forever

Seven residents in Shah Alam are working to get Setia Alam recognised as a community forest
Penang Palette

A Massive Show that is Managing

Even when toned down, the Sixth Art Stage Singapore still sparkled at Singapore Art Week

Teluk Bahang in Numbers

Find out about Teluk Bahang's population, land use and more.