Table of Contents January, 2016

Table of Contents January, 2016

Education - Ever the Political Victim

It's out with the old and in with the new every time a crisis engulfs the country's leadership – and all at the expense of our children's education.

Education - Ever the Political Victim
Fusing Modern Skills with Traditional Crafts Feature

Fusing Modern Skills with Traditional Crafts

Six young artists add a twist to Penang's heritage crafts.
Time to Reform Public Universities Feature

Time to Reform Public Universities

Our public universities struggle to catch up with the rest of Asia. With the recent budget cut, what options do they have left in trying to regain former glory?
Baiting a Billion-ringgit Aquaculture Industry Penang Economic Outlook

Baiting a Billion-ringgit Aquaculture Industry

An extremely lucrative fish-farming industry is raking in the money.

Even Tastier Times Ahead

It’s all about capturing local preferences.
Photo Essay

A Look Inside Penang Free School

We explore the culture and tradition of the oldest school in Malaysia.
girls education
Window into History

The Devoted Pioneers of Girls' Education in Malaya

The inspiring story of the determined Sisters of Infant Jesus.
 private schooling

Private Schooling Getting Popular

International schools have doubled in numbers over the past five years. We explore why.

Home-schooling - An Applauded Option

It is a welcome alternative to mainstream education.

The Luxury of Home-schooling

We take a look at home-schooling in Singapore.

Crowdfund Your Way to a Higher Education

There's a new online startup that enables deserving students to raise tuition fees through crowdfunding.

Flip-flops Trip Key Education Reforms

With some dramatic U-turns in policies, what good is the Malaysia Education Blueprint?

Towards Healthier Rural Living, One Solar-powered Water Filtering System at a Time

One young man aims to revolutionise the way rural folks gain access to clean water.

Is the Malaysian Extreme Music Scene Stagnant or Subtly Evolving?

Marco Ferrarese's new book, Banana Punk Rawk Trails, examines Malaysia's punk metal scene.
Penang Palette

Will Malaysia's Bullish Art Market be Bearing Downwards?

Bidding fatigue and scarcity of top-notch works might spell a slowdown in the art market.
Penang Economic Outlook

Preparing for Challenging Times Ahead

It is likely to be a difficult year for Malaysians in 2016, but at the same time, opportunities await those who are well prepared.
Penang Economic Outlook

Driving Penang's Knowledge Economy

The target is to transform Penang into a high-skilled and technology-driven knowledge-based economy.