Penang – A Rice Bowl State under Threat?


With the state’s economic development remaining broad, closer balancing of land use becomes more critical.

Paddy field at Bukit Merah, Permatang Pauh. Seberang Perai has undergone much urbanisation over the last decade. This has led to concerns over land use: warehouses, industrial plants and housing have risen up in the municipality’s landscape, replacing its sprawling paddy fields. As land cost at designated industrial townships such as Perai, Bukit Mertajam and Nibong Tebal rises, cheaper farmland at the fringes become the next best option for expansion. However, even with this rapid industrialisation, agriculture still remains the dominant sector in Seberang Perai, with over 50,000 hectares zoned as land for agricultural use in the State Structure Plan (RSN) 2020, ...

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