Bringing Japanese Technological Excellence to Penang’s Young


Our students can now get the best of Japanese education in engineering and science – right at their doorstep.

The Disted Japanese Transfer Programme (JTP) is the first degree-seeking programme of its kind in Malaysia which provides a fast-track study path for students who are keen to pursue a world-recognised Japanese education in engineering and science.

Interested students can pursue diplomas in either computer science or electrical and electronics engineering under the JTP programme – a collaboration between Disted College and Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) – before completing two more years of undergraduate studies in Japan to earn their Bachelor’s Degree.

“Intake for the Diploma in Computer Science has already begun. There are five intakes annually: January, March, May, August and September, with three semesters each academic year. Prospective students are able to enrol and begin their studies almost immediately. The Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is still pending approval from the Ministry of Higher Education, but we anticipate the first intake to be in January 2018,” says Dr Lim Pang Boey, a TUT associate professor.

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