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Pictures can only show so much. Writing, documenting and reviewing food, on the other hand, provide a meatier takeaway.

Laparpo: Popularising Halal Food

Penang’s food-blogging scene abounds – naturally – with passionate subject-matter experts. Penang TuaPui and CK Lam are among the top go-to blogs to search for where and what to eat in Penang.

However, when it comes to halal food, there has been a vacuum – until now. Newcomers Laparpo has managed to draw huge attention in a short time by tapping into the niche market of halal food reviewing in Penang: it hit over 100,000 Facebook followers within ten months!

But what truly sets Laparpo apart is its colloquial style of writing: Laparpo writes in the local Penang dialect, using Penang Malay words such as “hang” (you), “awat” (why), “sur” (tasty) and “pi” (go). “It helps us stay close to our readers,” says Belon, one half of Laparpo.

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