The Art of Developing Balik Pulau

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Tranquil and rustic, Penang’s major west coast town has become irresistible to artists and art enthusiasts.

The once sleepy farming village of Balik Pulau is abuzz. Its greenery, simple life, and harvests are now offering visitors endless art experiences.

About 10 years ago, Balik Pulau-born Koh Teng Huat, self-taught in palette-knife oil painting, noticed many local and foreign artists flocking to the area to do outdoor sketching – possibly spurred on by the mass media attention that followed a study about the history of an early Hakka settlement there.

Indeed, Balik Pulau was attracting a lot of artists already around 2007-2010 when Malihom, an eco-resort sanctuary located at Bukit Penara, collaborated with The Royal Bank of Scotland and Wawasan Open University to host an artists’ residency programme.

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