The Bastion of Early Catholicism in Penang Restored


As renovation works on the 156-year-old Church of the Assumption near completion, Penang Monthly takes a look at the journey the church has undergone to reclaim its past glory.

Like a lot of good stories, this one began in an unexpected place: the storeroom. It was March and the restoration of the Church of the Assumption was in full swing. Project architect Edmond Khoo found himself poking around the old storeroom of the church after having just tackled one of the most crucial parts of the RM2.5mil reconstruction – the altar. “I believe the original sanctuary was constructed in 1860 and survived past 1928, possibly until the 1980s. It was then replaced with a rather modern altar,” Khoo says.

The current restoration project centred on bringing the church back to the condition it was in 1928 – the date of the building’s last major extension works.

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