Ko-Tai the city


Ombak Ombak ARTStudio continues to make waves with its recent portrayal of Penang's history from Merdeka to the present day. The musical was a nostalgic take on Penang's good times and bad times, with reverent nods to inspiring Penang performers and cultural icons.

KO-TAI PENANG was the final act in a trilogy of community street performances directed and produced by Ombak Ombak ARTStudio which showcased historical events from Penang and the nation's history from Merdeka to the present day. Ombak put on three free street performances throughout Penang; the outdoor locations created a wonderful atmosphere and lent authenticity to the stage shows.

A colourful ko-tai (Penang Hokkien for stage show) with actors and musicians replete in the gaudy colours of the 6os and 705 warmly welcomed the audience into their multi ethnic community.

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