A Short History of The Khoo Kongsi


The Khoo Kongsi building complex is one of Penang’s major iconic structures. Despite that, its history is not widely known. Yong Check Yoon provides us with a brief history of this majestic place.

The name Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (LSTKK) means Dragon Mountain Hall Khoo Clan Association. As with most of the early clan associations, the kongsi building is surrounded by rows of houses – 24 of them on four sides – which belong to the clan. It has three passageways leading to its temple, an administrative building and a stage within Cannon Square. Hokkiens refer to Cannon Square as Leong San Tong Lai, which means “Within Leong San Tong”. Cannon Square derived its name from the cannon that was fired from the place during the 10 days of secret society riots known as the Penang Riots of 1867.

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