Meeting a legend that grows and grows


Champions don't grow on trees, especially champions like Nicol David, who has been world No.1 in women's squash since August 2006. Ooi Kee Beng tries to find out what makes her tick, and tick so consistently and impressively. What he finds out is that although this 26-year-old already dominates the game globally, her best is yet to come.

I had a very long chat with your father, Desmond, a couple of days ago. I was hoping to find out what he considers to be the special elements that make Nicol David the indomitable champion in women's squash that she is. If anyone knows what these are, it would be him, and your mother of course.

Only late in the conversation did it become clear to me that there were at least three factors that help explain your achievements.

First, you grew up in a family that is and was passionate about sports. I am told that your great grandfather did not care much for sports.

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