A Vertical Road to George Town


“Vertical Road”, the acclaimed new show by the Akram Khan Company, provided some international flavour at the month-long George Town Festival. Akram Khan and producer Farooq Chaudhry explain the creative process to Rosalind Chua and tell her why interpretation is very much in the mind of the beholder.

Could you briefly explain the creative process for “Vertical Road”?

Akram Khan: When you finally create something, the history of how it was made becomes vague and is lost. You forget the origins of the ideas, when they started as fragments. It’s because the collaborative element which relies on the input and voices of many eventually takes over. But there is a process: I start with a dream, idea or experience that fascinates and interests me. I think of the people that I would like to work and go on an artistic journey with. At the same time I hire a researcher to explore as much as he or she can and connect directly or indirectly to my idea.

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