Stories to stir the soul


Penang’s teachers and children were given a much-needed reminder in September that telling and listening to stories are fantastically stimulating for the imagination, when an international storytelling festival was held there. Let’s hope there will be a sequel.


" People are waking up to the power of storytelling. It was something that was always there, but got buried for a while in our rush towards modernity." - Sheila Wee.

Malaysia witnessed its first ever storytelling festival on September 18, 2010 at the lush green grounds of Penang's Municipal Park. The Penang International Kids Storytelling  (PINKS) Festival attracted a strong crowd of preschoolers, primary school students, educationists and parents; and a line-up of renowned storytellers from around the world was brought in to share with families the joys and importance of storytelling, and show that it can facilitate education at all levels.

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