A day in the life of a tutor


Some professions are more common in a certain place than others. Social values and economic mores are reflected in this fact. Penang, populated by people who view education as an effective route to a good life, has therefore a large number of private tutors. This is the story of one of them.

INSIGHTS into socio-economic trends in any Asian city can be gained by studying the chaos of its shop lot signage. If one understands the language, a sense of some unique feature of the place becomes apparent rather quickly.

Now, if one were new in Penang and took time to drive through residential and semi-commercial areas like Paya Terubong, for example, one would find it hard to ignore the signs and notices advertising tuition classes.

Those alone suggest a lot about Penang life today. One may well wonder: Are the schools around here so bad that students need extra lessons? Or are Penang parents excessively fretful about their children’s examination results?

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