Sarawak Election Diary


The much anticipated 10th Sarawak state election came and went. Although the election results showed a breakthrough for the opposition, especially in urban areas, the wind of change did not blow strongly enough for a change of government to take place. The significance of the dramatic results is yet to be understood fully. Ivy Kwek describes the challenges of two weeks of campaigning in unfamiliar territory.

I jumped on the bandwagon of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) campaign in Sibu, as I believe in change for good, for the country; as much as I would like to be perceived as neutral, I believe in getting involved.

Apr 1 — Arrived last night, we take a slow start with a sight-seeing tour and getting-to-know-you session with our local counterparts. The locals have already been working on the ground, launching operation centres in different corners to handle voter status checking services and other enquiries.

Apr 2 — Everywhere we go, we bring along “Ubah” – yes, that cute little hornbill that tweets and has a Facebook account.

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