Eco-towns – The Asian Experience


In 2009, seri was tasked to do a pilot project for establishing Eco-towns in Penang. This year, it was the sole representative for Penang at the Seventh Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum to discuss urban sustainability.

OPINIONS VARY WHEN it comes to the definition of an Eco-town; essentially, an Eco-town is a township that incorporates environmental protection and management practices in its daily affairs. For example, Kawasaki’s Eco-town concept is mainly based on the material waste-resource cycle. The industrial area was refurnished and improved to facilitate better material waste-resource cycle flow, allowing for better efficiency in the city. Akita Eco-town, on the other hand, prides itself as the recycling hub for electrical and electronic (E&E) waste.

Penang decided to establish an Eco-town within Penang Cyber City, incorporating industrial areas, commercial areas, an education component and residential areas that are ecologically and environmentally sustainable.

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