Planting Our Green Future

loading SK Tanjong Tokong students sprucing up their urban garden.

Suburbs are rooting for a healthier environment.

Global warming is real. Human progress over the past centuries has steadily led to the decline of the environment, measured through the quality of water, air and soil, UV exposure, disease, climate change and other direct and indirect impacts on our well-being.

The severity of the problem is not readily acknowledged by the public; lifestyles and daily routines still revolve around modern comforts.

But encouragingly, more and more businesses are reinvesting their profits into social and environmental causes. These social enterprises are fast growing due to larger concerns over the detrimental effects of urbanisation, over-population and over-development. France passed a law in 2015 banning supermarkets from spoiling or destroying unsold food, instead channelling these to charities.

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